7 responses to “An Introduction to Tattvas”

  1. mayda Carrillo

    Thank you for posting this article, I would like to learn more about this from all stand points, mystical, scientific and any other way thank you. For example, how to safely summon a guide when you have never done it.

  2. Stephen Cottee

    Great article, thank you.

  3. Eric

    When exercising the tattvas, is it neccessary to know the fundamentals of ceremonial? Can one use tattva-cards solely for meditational purposes and not be engage in ceremonial and magickal periphanelia?? Also are their any preliminaries before entering into the Akasa tattva (spirit)?


  4. Fred

    I have been using these a lot. I like their simplicity. When I teach this to a group of people who may be put off by archangels or excessive paraphernalia I lead the group in finding an appropriate “guide” or astral version of the self.

  5. Niro


    I have a simple question, every time in meditation i see a circle which is black, around it has different colors. I sit there and observe this circle and it gets bigger and bigger until everything becomes pitch black. I’ve been having this Experience for a while now, i really don’t know what to do? Is this a Aska Tattva? please advice, I would really want to surpass this stage and get in touch with my Guru. But i really have no guidance :)

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