A Qabalistic Meditation

(Based on notes taken at a talk by David Bisman)


This meditation has two parts, one for the morning, and one for the evening. The initial part of the meditation is the same for both. I have purposely left the technique in a relatively basic format, not padded out, and without specific instructions for what verse or saying to use. The idea is that one should adapt the exercise to suit their needs and fit in with their practices. It is my belief that the concept of the Higher Self may be used to replace references to God – especially given that the divine spark (Great Spirit) can be found in all things.


Part 1 – Preliminary

  • Concentrate on the crown of the head
  • Give to charity anonymously
  • Take a verse (i.e. from the bible, a saying you find inspiration, etc), and write it on a piece of paper or cloth. Wrap this around the forehead and left arm, close to the heart.
  • Sit down, take stock of all actions in the last 24 hours. Acknowledge all the positives and negatives. Set these aside.
  • Choose a time, place, and posture which suits you (i.e. fist thing in the morning, and last thing before night before falling asleep). The important thing is that the conditions feel right for you.
  • Repeat: “for I am the Lord that healeth thee.” (from Exodus 15:26) – or, once again, choose something that suits your beliefs and practices.

Part 2 – Morning

The intention of this exercise is to energise the mind, body and spirit – to expand the consciousness outward – at the beginning of the day. The Still Small Voice (from the story of Elijah)

  • Do preparation, as per Part 1.
  • Sit or lie comfortably in your preferred meditation position
  • Establish a breathing pattern (connected breath as used in holotropic breathwork and rebirthing would be a potentially effective technique to enhance this mediation)
  • Begin to hear (internally) the sound of your voice within your belly
  • It begins as a tiny scream.
  • As it rises to the throat repeat “ribano shel olam” (literally Master of the Universe)
  • Allow the scream to grow more urgent
  • Concentrate on the scream, drawn from the lungs, to the lips and nasal passage, to the nerves of the brain.
  • Hear and feel it cascade upwards, bursting into the brain and out and beyond.
  • Do this for approximately 25 minutes
  • Bring awareness back to surroundings. Calm yourself. Roll your head. Establish normal breathing.
  • Continue on with you day.

Part 3 – Evening

Shefa – The Divine Influx The intention of this exercise is to relax the mind, body and spirit – to bring everything back within the psyche, in a contractive manner – at the end of the day.

  • Do preparation, as per Part 1.
  • Sit in a quiet room, as shielded as possible from all outside senses
  • Establish a breathing pattern (ie. Connected breath)
  • Feel yourself floating, with no body
  • Focus all your attention on Malkuth (the entire world and its essence)
  • Visualise a spiritual essence occupying the centre of Malkuth transmitting peace and contentment throughout the Universe, to the edges and back, radiating back to itself
  • Visualise your Self as the beating heart of Malkuth
  • Do this for approximately 25 minutes
  • Bring awareness back to surroundings. Calm yourself. Roll your head. Establish normal breathing.
  • Go to sleep.

Additional Notes

Goals of Qabalistic and occult training

  • to turn all of life into a meditation that elevates the spirit
  • to acknowledge the divine spark from all of matter
  • unconditional love for God, one’s Self and the Higher Self

Additional points

  • The earth is in a process of being created (from the Torah Genesis 1:1 reads “When God began to create heaven and earth” giving the understanding that it was the beginning of the process, rather than an instantaneous creation.
  • Forgiveness, in prayer, is performed to release the energetic connection in events, and is done for all who have bothered us in this life or past lives.

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