The following axioms are a first draft. At a future date, I will revise them.

  • The Universe is energy; therefore, everything is connected in some way, and everything can be transformed.
  • The nature of the Universe is unknown – but not necessarily unknowable.
  • What exists outside the physical Universe is unknown – but not necessarily unknowable.
  • Human knowledge and understanding of the Universe is comprised of ideas, concepts, beliefs, and contemplation of experienced phenomena.
  • Some things are outside normal human awareness (are unknown or mysteries) – but are not necessarily unknowable.
  • The way in which mental powers can be used to manipulate the physical world is unknown – but not necessarily unknowable. [Theories exist, e.g. manipulation of astral light]
  • Knowledge or experience of normally unknown (occult) things can be gained, even if the knowledge or experience is outside of the current ability or skill to classify or explain (for example due to language constraints, such as no words existing to assign as label).
  • Will is a psychic faculty that transforms intention into action.
  • Imagination is the psychic faculty of experiencing visual and other sensory perceptions that are not currently physically present, and may not exist in physical reality.
  • Symbols are a mechanism that transforms psychic energy.
  • Fate (Karma) is the accumulation of past actions – it is not moralistic in nature.
  • Skill is required to successfully Will. Skill is a combination of knowledge, and understanding, primarily gained through practical experience.
  • Knowledge is the awareness of a concept or idea.
  • Understanding is the knowledge of how a concept or idea functions.
  • Wisdom is a combination of significant knowledge and significant understanding of the form, function, and reality of concepts or ideas.

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