Whitley Strieber’s journal entry for May 6th, 2010 is entitled The Danger of Disclosure and deals with some interesting philosophical and esoteric issues relating to contact with ‘alien’ life forms. […]

A recent study, published in Science, 16 April 2010, examines how the human brain can concurrently pursue two goals at the same time, dividing the goals between the left and […]

Researchers from the University of Maribor, Slovenia, published their study in the journal Critical Care, and suggest that their is a correlation between near-death experience reports and levels of carbon […]

In his article Radial motion into an Einstein–Rosen bridge, Nikodem Poplawski, a theoretical physicist from Indiana University, outlines a scenario in which the Universe was created within a wormhole (Einstein-Rosen […]

A collection of exercises for developing and strengthening the Will has been posted on The editor has chosen to name the collection Thelema Exercises, which will likely cause confusion […]

This article is interesting, for two reasons. First it gives a brief history of the man considered the father of modern stage magic, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, and then it details […]

A recent article on Science Daily entitled “Glimpses Of Earliest Forms Of Life On Earth: Remnant Of Ancient ‘RNA World’ Discovered” outlines: Some bacterial cells can swim, morph into new […]

Although languages may arise organically or be constructed by linguists, they still have a large amount of artificiality about them. They are symbolic ways of describing the perceptions of reality, […]

Notes on Higher Consciousness from “Beyond Belief” by Elaine Pagels Adam and Eve – Eve as epinoia. From The Secret Book: … a “helper” – luminous epinoia [“creative” or “inventive” […]