Magical Language

The problem with using a common language to discuss magic is that there are so many varied concepts that various words symbolise. For instance, what exactly is magic? The word […]

I have had a few thoughts regarding aspects of a magical language. The first relates to tenses. Past, present, and future tenses are common to most languages, however, another useful […]

Egyptian Magic

The following extract from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Spells of Going Forth by Day) offer some interesting insight into the recognition of the importance of language, and verbalisation […]

In his essay on “Metaphor” (in artificial languages), Rick Morneau argues that metaphors are best avoided when constructing a language (or when writing in a conlang). His arguments are sound, […]

Is a new magical language needed? Aren’t existing languages, such as Hebrew and Enochian, associated with magic and mysticism enough? What features would make a language inherently magical or useful […]