Author: Konstantin Serebrov [amtap amazon:asin=9080632147] “However, the one who wants to work on himself has just started to take form. And he will have to struggle with all the other […]

Author: Dennis Wier [amtap amazon:asin=1608606635] Available from Do you believe that trance is a magical state reserved only for mediums, hypnotists, and occultists? If so, think again. Dennis Wier’s […]

[amtap amazon:asin=B000K8LV1O] I enjoy the idea of revealing secrets. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not become revealed. I was therefore excited when offered the chance to see […]

Author: Konstantin Serebrov [amtap amazon:asin=9077820035] “The shadow of the Master’s hand always points in the direction one should take on the Path.” – Konstantin Serebrov There are two main aspects […]

Directed & Produced by Dean Jefferys [amtap amazon:asin=B0012OX79E] This independent documentary really got my attention. Directed and produced by Dean Jefferys from Australia it weaves a story about the plight […]

Author: by Roger Hart [amtap amazon:asin=0743477251] The Phaselock Code, by Roger Hart, is truly a gem amongst the growing number of books on spirituality. It is a synthesis of mystical […]

Author: Dennis Wier [amtap amazon:asin=1888428384] Trance: from magic to technology outlines a new model for Trance, as proposed by Dennis Wier, through his long-standing experience with meditation and hypnosis. Combining […]