Introduction to the Higher Self

The Higher Self is a personification of the highest part of our consciousness, sometimes termed superconsciousness. Various authorities associated with the Neshamah of the Kabbalah, residing in Binah, and at other times with the sphere of Tiphareth and the Holy Guardian Angel. Other authorities have called it the Christ Consciousness, the Transpersonal Self, or the Deep Self.

The Higher Self provides a connection between our central core, or self, and the Universal Mind (God). The Higher Self has the important power of reconciling opposites, which is essential for magical work and personal evolution.

The Higher Self can also be considered to be a blueprint of you – the total person. You, as the ‘self’, are the microcosm, while the Higher Self is the macrocosm. The Higher Self has been described as the God within, and as it is transpersonal, it exists beyond the duality of the lower parts of our psyche. In its association with height and depth (Deep Self), through it we have ability to see the bigger picture of our life. There is also an association with flight, such as in shamanic journeying where a shaman shape-shifts into an eagle, or flies on a bird, and looks down on all the affairs that affect his life. Other symbolism includes ascending into the sky on a cloud or chariot, or climbing a mountain and viewing the scene from the top – a symbol that is common throughout various spiritual doctrines.

There are a number of qualities associated with the Higher Self and transpersonal experiences in general. These include stillness, peace, an ‘inner knowing’, an all-pervading aura of unconditional love, contentment, feelings of being outside of time, sudden bursts or flashes of insight or inspiration, and inclusiveness. Other qualities of a spiritual or transpersonal nature include: beauty, comprehension, creativity, goodness, joy, serenity, will, calm, confidence, energy, harmony, love, silence, wisdom, compassion, courage, enthusiasm, humour, patience, and simplicity.

It is important to work with your Higher Self when practicing symbol analysis or journey work (trancework), as this adds a higher dimension to your understanding. I encourage you to experience the Higher Self and learn to trust the wisdom from this part of yourself – the only part that truly lead you in the proper direction you need to go.

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