Magic Lessons

Magic is something that must be lived and experienced, not merely read and talked about. This short, introductory course is divided into ten parts, and spread over ten weeks. It looks at some core principles and techniques and is not rooted in any particular religious, mystical, or cultural practices. The lessons will be emailed to you, one per week for ten weeks. This is a free magic course; the only payment is through your own effort and commitment. The secrets of magic are to be unlocked by each individual seeker after the ‘truth’. They cannot be shared and revealed, only gained through experience, reflection, and the understanding and inner ‘knowing’ that comes from actively participating in your own magical development. The key to this brief course, and the entire magical world view, is summed up in the ancient words: Know Thyself.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction & Beliefs 1
  2. The Magic Mirror
  3. Imagination & Will
  4. Inner Work
  5. Higher Self
  6. Synthesis
  7. Magic
  8. Morality
  9. Beliefs 2
  10. Review / Feedback

Preliminary Reading

Before studying for this course, you may find it useful to read these specific articles:

The following exercises may also benefit you, if you have no previous experience with visualization or meditation.

Other articles will give you some understanding of the author’s views and beliefs are.

What to Expect

What you will get out of this course is really up to you. Your commitment to your own personal evolution, and willingness to learn and develop your magical skills is the most important ingredient. The course is designed to encourage you to practice various techniques to aid in your magical development and understanding. Practicing magic is more essential than understanding the philosophy ‘correctly’, as it is through experience that growth and true wisdom and understanding is developed. Your personal philosophy will develop organically, growing from your practices and experiences. You will need to find the time and space to practice various meditative style exercises, and make the time to keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences.

Last modified: 09 August 2014