2. The Magic Mirror

One essential concept of magic is the idea that the external world serves as a mirror for your inner world. Through the people that you meet, and the experiences that you have, you can see a reflection of your inner condition. Further, if you change your inner condition, then this change is reflected in the outside, physical world. At first this concept may be difficult to understand. It is a deeply rooted concept appearing in many cultures and philosophies. It can be summed up in the ancient axiom “as above, so below” – or “that which is within is like that which is without” (and vice versa). If you review the experiences in your life you will see patterns, or variations on themes. You will have met the same kind of people or experienced similar situations and events because your inner condition remains the same. If you feel like you are not learning something, and repeating the same mistakes, the best solution is to look within. As an example, consider a woman who considers herself a ‘loser magnet’ and attracts the ‘wrong’ kind of men into her life. She has a series of disastrous relationships and she feels as though she will never meet the ‘right’ kind of man. The answer lies within. The men she has attracted are not the ‘wrong kind’ – they are exactly the ‘right’ kind to alert her to an inner condition. By changing her inner condition, she will stop attracting the ‘losers’ and (if appropriate) she will attract the kind of man who she can have a more healthy relationship with. In modern, popular spiritual culture, the ‘law of attraction’ suggests that we attract people and things into our life through the thoughts that we have. Adherents of this suggest that thoughts create, and that you can manifest anything that you desire. In a sense they are correct, however they seldom (if ever) give any genuine insight into the process or the impediments to success. Likewise, they make it sound as though each of us will be happy if we live in a mansion, with a trophy wife/husband, and drive around in an expensive sports car. Perhaps for some people that is spiritual success, and provides the lessons they need in this life. However, it is jut as likely that seeking those things is actually neglecting the magic of personal evolution by seeking solace in material things – a distraction from genuine advancement and spiritual growth. It is by looking within, into our inner world that we begin to learn what processes and beliefs are causing various patterns and experiences in our external life. Beyond mere ‘thought’ creating our external reality we will likely find that we have a bunch of conflicting beliefs which give rise to contradictory thoughts, some of which limit our growth, and others which manifest as ‘undesirable’ situations in our life. By looking at the ‘undesirable’ situations in your life that you can become aware of beliefs and that are limiting you. Awareness is the first step in being able to overcome your limitations. While you remain unaware of the limitations, you are at the mercy of unconscious forces. You may feel as though you are powerless to change your life – because essentially you are. It is the destructive unconscious patterns that lead to destructive behaviours and manifesting destructive situations. From a magical perspective, these destructive situations are not actually ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ in the greater scheme of things. They may be negative and unpleasant, but their purpose is to teach you and allow you to grow. Once you become aware of these unconscious beliefs and processes you can begin to change the conditions, transform them into more beneficial conditions that will manifest into the physical in new ways, and continue your growth and learning.

Symbols and Synchronicity

Within your inner world you will discover many symbols and experience many symbolic experiences. You have likely experienced these types of things in dreams. Through visualisation exercises you will ‘see’ and experience many more symbolic events. You can learn to interpret the symbolism in dreams and visions, and this becomes a language that helps you explore your inner world. There is no simple way to learn this interpretation – there are no books or experience that can explain these things in the way we need to learn them. It is an intuitive process that only experience and reflection can teach. Of course, there are books and people who can explain what the symbol means to them, or what it means on a cultural or cross-cultural level, but not what it really means to you as an individual. Signs and symbols can also appear to us in the physical world. Events can seem highly symbolic, and occur at times and places that are significant to us. This has been termed synchronicity, a meaningful occurrence. Again, it is only experience and reflection that will help you know whether something is a genuine sign (to you) or not. To give you example of a synchronicity, consider a man who is thinking about what he would like for dinner. He decides that he hasn’t had pizza for a long time, and thinks about ordering pizza. The phone rings, and a friend of his invites him out for pizza. This of course is a fairly mundane example, but it is a meaningful coincidence. For another, more magical, example synchronicity, let us consider the woman in the first example, who considers herself to be a loser magnet. The woman begins learning about magic, and spends time reflecting on her life. She notices the patterns of the men she attracts. One evening, while reflecting on these things, she happens to look out the window and sees a shooting star. She walks outside her house, and sees a man who happens to be passing by. Their eyes meet, and they strike up a conversation. The woman realises that this man is different than men she has met before, and she realises that the shooting star was a ‘sign’ that lead her to this chance meeting.

Destiny / Fate

As much of your inner workings are below your waking conscious level, you are unaware of the processes going on. While these things remain unconscious you are likely to manifest them in your physical world. These things play out as your fate, and appear to be outside of your control, which they essential are if you do not know the cause. It is important to realise that you can become a master of your own destiny. A big step in this process is to understand that the physical world is mirroring your inner world, and that by working and changing the inner world you will bring about change in the physical world. It is therefore essential to become skilled at looking within, and learning to interact with the processes going on there and transform the inner world into a more harmonious state.

Exercise 1 – Inner Garden

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the exercise. Read through the instructions several times before performing the exercise.

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax
  • Imagine a garden. See it clearly in your mind’s eye.
  • Take time to focus on the various parts of the garden.
  • Spend some time exploring it. Touch the various plants and objects within the garden, taking note of all the smells, sounds, tastes, sights.
  • What kind of plants are in this garden?
  • What other objects are in this garden?
  • What is the state or condition of the garden?
  • Reflect on what the plants, objects, and state of the garden tell you about your life.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes, and write in your journal about your experience.

Exercise 2 – Negative Experience

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the exercise. Read through the instructions several times before performing the exercise.

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  2. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax.
  3. Spend some time recalling a negative or bad experience you have had in the past few years.
  4. What happened?
  5. Where were you?
  6. When did it happen?
  7. Who else was involved?
  8. How did you feel?
  9. What beliefs do you hold about this experience?
  10. Get a good sense of what beliefs were present during the experience.
  11. Now, remind yourself that experiences in the physical world are caused by inner conditions.
  12. Get a good sense of any feelings and emotions that were present at the time.
  13. Breath into these feelings and concentrate on intensifying them.
  14. Recall any earlier experiences that feel similar to this experience.
  15. What happened?
  16. Where were you?
  17. When did it happen?
  18. Who else was involved?
  19. How did you feel?
  20. What beliefs do you hold about this experience?
  21. Get a good sense of what beliefs were present during the experience.
  22. Breath into these feelings and concentrate on intensifying them.
  23. Repeat steps 12 through 20 until you cannot recall any earlier experiences.
  24. What patterns did you observe?
  25. What similar beliefs?
  26. Take a moment to reflect on these things.
  27. When you are ready, open your eyes, and write in your journal about your experience.

Last modified: 22 July 2017