Towards a Magical Language

Is a new magical language needed? Aren’t existing languages, such as Hebrew and Enochian, associated with magic and mysticism enough? What features would make a language inherently magical or useful to magic? Should such a language be personal (for use only by an individual – who creates and develops it), or would a open language for magicians be desirable or useful?

Occultism and mysticism certainly has a long history of usage natural languages, development of artificial languages, as well various languages with purported divine or mystical origins. The following is a brief list of some known mystical languages:

  • Enochian
  • Lingua ignota (the “unknown language” of Hildegard von Bingen)
  • Language of the Birds
  • Langue verte (the “Green language”, mentioned by Fulcanelli and Agrippa)
  • Rosaecrucian language (aka Rosae Crucis, from AMORC circa 1918)
  • The undeciphered language of the Voynich manuscript
  • Tarot (as a language of symbolism)
  • Dreams (a language of symbolism, sometimes equated with the Language of the Birds)
  • Hebrew (a natural language, central to the Kabbalah)
  • Latin (a natural language)

As well as languages there are various magical alphabets that can be used to write almost any language.

This series of articles will explore various aspects of mystical languages and language in general. Comments, suggestions, and feedback are invited.

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