Writings on Magic, Mysticism and the Occult

Magick is not an object for academic study – it is essentially practical. It also requires self-discipline and training – the acquisition of skills.Magia no es un objeto de estudio académico – es esencialmente práctica. También requiere auto-disciplina y la formación – la adquisición de habilidades.

The following axioms are a first draft. At a future date, I will revise them. The Universe is energy; therefore, everything is connected in some way, and everything can be […]

We use symbols constantly in our mundane lives to communicate ideas. Writing systems (alphabets and words) are an obvious example of symbols used to convey meanings. Symbolism can be considered […]

The Higher Self is a personification of the highest part of our consciousness, sometimes termed superconsciousness. Various authorities associated with the Neshamah of the Kabbalah, residing in Binah, and at […]

Develop basic meditation skills – learn to meditate. Mantra meditation, breathing meditation, thought watching, and sound meditation.La meditación es comúnmente asociada con las técnicas de relajación, o tal vez la repetición de un mantra cantado, como el “Om” canto.

Aim: To develop the basic skills commonly known as ‘visualization’. While the term visualization is not the best name for this skill it is very common. The problem with the […]

“Determined will is the beginning of all magical operations. It is because men do not perfectly imagine and believe the result, that the (occult) arts are so uncertain, while they […]

The problem with using a common language to discuss magic is that there are so many varied concepts that various words symbolise. For instance, what exactly is magic? The word […]

I have had a few thoughts regarding aspects of a magical language. The first relates to tenses. Past, present, and future tenses are common to most languages, however, another useful […]